SA-ARP Documentations



Applying Regulations

The cargos and the cargo system are regulated by the rules of physics (ruled by the Department of Physic), the rules of good sense (ruled by the Department of Good Sense), and then the rules of cargos (ruled by the Import/Export).

Physic Rules

  1. A cargo can not move when on the ground.
  2. A cargo can not change its state from ground to vehicle or vice-versa without a forklift to make the transition.
  3. If a cargo is on the ground, a cargo object must be placed at the position where the cargo is.
  4. If a cargo is on the ground, a cargo text, explaining about the cargo, must be placed on top of the cargo object.
  5. This is the list of what vehicle can contain cargos, and how much maximum units they can carry.
  6. All cargos, empty or not, will use minimum 10u of space in vehicles.

Good Sense Rules

     No rules

Import/Export Rules

     No rules