SA-ARP Documentations



Applying Regulations

The doors and the door system are regulated by the rules of physics (ruled by the Department of Physic), the rules of good sense (ruled by the Department of Good Sense), and then the rules of doors (ruled by the City Planning Department).

Physic Rules

  1. A door pickup must be placed at less than a meter of the teleporting pickup, except for garage type doors.
  2. A door can only lead to another door.
  3. An exterior door can only lead to an interior door fitting the context of the exterior door.

Good Sense Rules

  1. The name of the door must be serious and must represent the place it is associated with.
  2. A door must contain a valid address validating the nearby addresses.

City Planning Department Rules

  1. A door that is inactive or unused by the owner, might be taken away from him if other player sollicitate the use of the building.
  2. A door must have a valid zip code. Except in the case of a secondary door
  3. Secondary doors must be RPly linked to a primary door
  4. A housing project must have a valid office on his project's land. The office must have a valid address and zip code
  5. Requests for new doors are only taken from real estates agencies or cityhalls
  6. A door that the owner has not been connected for 6 months might be taken by the associated Cityhall, without any reasons or notices