SA-ARP Documentations



Definitions Extent

Those definitions are to be used everywhere in or out of the role play, including in this documentations.

General Definitions

  • Role-Play: Also called RP, the role play contains everything that in the game world.
  • Real Life: Also called RL or IRL, real life defines the world that is not the game world.
  • In Game: Also called IG, In Game defines anything that is happening in the role play.
  • In Character: Also called IC, In Character defines anything that is happening in game.
  • Out Of Character: Also called OOC, Out Of Character defines anything that is happening IRL.
  • Character: A character is a RP person, inside the RP, that is ignoring all OOC activities.
  • Interior: An interior is a RP place in the server that is inside a RP building. It is accessible by a door pickup.
  • Mixing: Mixing is used to describe the action of importing knowledge from OOC to IC, or from a character to another without making talking to each other IC.
  • Player: A player is a RL person, in front of his computer, playing one or more characters.
  • The Map: The internet map located at "".
  • Pickup: A pickup is a text floating icon near the ground, normally rotating and representing an object or an action.
  • 3DText: A 3dtext is a text floating in the air, normally above an object or a pickup.
  • First Authority: When someone or something has the first authority on something, it means that this institution has the lowest power on that something. It also means that they are the one that are going to make the specific laws over that something. It also means that this institution is going to be dealing with citizens that have problem with that certain something.