SA-ARP Documentations



General Gamemode Information

The gamemode used to power SA Advanced Roleplay is called 'SA Advanced'. It is created from scratch by one and only game creator.
SA Advanced has started in 2011 and have been in constant evolution since then.


The story is happening in the fictional state of San Andreas in 1994, 2 years after the famous official game storyline. For some reason, all the islands has been 99% deserted and almost nothing is to be found.

Player names and races

When on the server, the race of the players will be shown beside his name in a 2 letter format as follow:

High Scores

To add some challenge between player, the High Score page and the score system has been added. The score is defined by your belongings like so:

When Testings are in Progress

Sometimes, the gamemode is in testing mode and you will see a red strip on the top of the screen written "Testing in Progress". During those times, you shouldn't have any problems at all. However, sometimes the server crashes and the current state of simulation is lost. Admin messages should appear on the screen once in a while and you a recommended to follow any instructions if applies.

Ban Appeals

Known Bugs

Some bugs are known to exist in the gamemode, here is a list of them and how you should react:
     For a complete list of bugs/issues, please visit out GitHub here: