SA-ARP Documentations



Applying Regulations

Applying regulations are the general rules(OOC), the rules of physics (ruled by the Department of Physic), the rules of good sense (ruled by the Department of Good Sense), and also, depending on territories, other rules may applies.

General Regulations (OOC)

  1. No mixing between IC and OOC.
  2. No OOC insulting.
  3. No OOC Hacking.
  4. No use of RP commands to role-play objects that arent in the official inventory(/inv).
  5. No AFK(away) or/and logoff unless inside a building interior (away from the door).
  6. No OOC Begging (Asking help for transportation is tolerated).

Physic Rules (OOC)

The physic rules, regulated by the San Andreas Department of Physic, are the rules resulted by the laws of physics.
  1. The year is 1994.
  2. IC time in the server have an unstable ratio with real life OOC time. Time can be roleplayed as such:
  3. When you log off from the game, your body is considered unconscious.
  4. When you are unconscious for 1 month, you are considered a dead body.
  5. An object my not be dropped at the exact same position than another object, unless they both are of type 'paper'.
  6. It is impossible to stay without moving, or in the same place, on a vehicle's roof, except for buses or larger surfaces.
  7. Anything left unattended near the disappearance institute may randomly disappear at any moment.
  8. Everything on the website map is considered IC common knowledge and may be roleplayed as rumors (If you want to do something private, do it inside a building).
  9. When you are in a vehicle, other players can hear you and see you their mini-map.
  10. When you fire an unsilenced weapon, other players can hear you and see you their mini-map for 3 seconds.
  11. If you log off while cuffed, you will be teleported to a holding cell of a faction under the SAMJ.

Good Sense Rules (OOC)

  1. No one shall murder someone for no apparent reasons.
  2. What is on the map is considered as common knowledge.
  3. No one shall steal the free paper cargo(s) that sit(s) near the Verdant Meadows Airfield.

City Planning Department Rules (applies in all SA)

  1. Weapons may only be used to defend yourself or another citizen.

San Andreas Police Department (applies in all SA except Bone County)

  1. When interacting with other people, a citizen must:
    1. Follow a code of conduct, that do not allow the specific actions:
      148    Resisting Arrest
      187    Homicide
      207    Kidnapping
      211    Armed Robbery
      240    Assault
      245    Assault With Deadly Weapon
      246    Shooting in Dwelling
      261    Rape
      415    Disturbance
      459    Burglary
      470    Forgery
      480    Hit and Run
      484    Theft
      502    Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Los Santos Military Police Rules (applies on all LS island)

  1. No automatic firing weapon.
  2. No scoped weapon.
  3. No modified weapon.
  4. No Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Desert Eagle or silenced 9mm.
  5. Ocean Dock is a private Island.