SA-ARP Documentations



Here will only be the rules and regulations of the justice system. All other rules that are inforced and punished by the Justice Ministry are located in their respective sections.

Applying Regulations

The justice and the judicial system are regulated by the rules of physics (ruled by the Department of Physic), the rules of good sense (ruled by the Department of Good Sense), and then the rules of justice (ruled by the San Andreas Justice Ministry).

Physic Rules

  1. Trials must be proceeded IG and RPly in a formal way.

Good Sense Rules

San Andreas Ministry of Justice Rules

  1. Trials :
    1. Trials must be demanded by the defending party by calling 1004500.
    2. Trials can only be proceeded by an official SAMJ judge in an offical SAMJ courthouse.
    3. The sentence decided by the judge must be fully paid before the suspect can be released from custody of the SAMJ.
  2. Custody :
    1. The suspect/inmate must be offered reasonnable accomodation for :
      1. Food;
      2. Contact with the outside world.
      3. Safety.
  3. Anyone interfering negatively with the system may be accused of 'interfering with the justice system'.