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General Usage

The vehicle usage willbe briefly discussed in this document.


To enter and exit a vehicle, you need to be near the vehicle and press the RL keyboard keys. Note: If the doors are locked by it's owner, you will not be able to enter the vehicle. However, when inside the vehicle, you will be able to leave it even if the doors are locked. It is impossible to kidnap someone only by locking them inside your vehicle.


To lock and unlock a vehicle's doors, you need to be inside or near the vehicle. Note: You can use the locking command inside or outside of the vehicle. However, if you are not the owner of the vehicle, you will not be able to lock/unlock in the driver's seat. Also, the locking commands are not available on bikes and/or motor-bikes.

Other Interactions

There is other interaction possible with vehicles:
Note: Depending on the vehicle's type, all the interactions may not be available.

Car keys

Typically, when the vehicle's owner turn off his engine, he takes the car keys with him. If someone else than the owner of the vehicle or an authorized faction member turns off the engine, the keys will remain in the vehicle and anyone entering this vehicle will receive a message indicating that the keys are in the vehicle. If the keys are in the vehicle, only the right command will take back the keys from the vehicle if used by the owner of the vehicle or an authorized faction member. If the engine is started with the normal command, the keys will stay in the vehicle what so ever for the next person, even if the owner of the vehicle or an authorized faction member shuts down the engine himself.

Train Signalisation

Meaning Use of horn Speed limit (mph)

Train station exitNoUnlimited

Train station ahead60

Train station ahead40

Train station entry20

Road intersection aheadYes30

Double road intersection ahead

Road intersection aheadNo

Double road intersection ahead