SA-ARP Documentations



General Usage

First of all, cargo are used to move or keep high quantity of the same object confined in a designated place.

Interacting With Cargos

There is not much interactions you can do with a cargo. In fact, the only thing you can do is take an object from it.

Moving Cargos

First of all, a cargo can not be moving if it is on the ground. To move a cargo, you need to place it in a vehicle (lifted position). To place a cargo in a lifted position, you need to take it from the ground with a forklift to place it in a vehicle. You will need to do the same thing in reverse to place your cargo back in a ground position after you finish moving it. Note: Only a limited amount of vehicle model can contain a cargo. A vehicle can only contain 1 cargo at a time and the cargo size is limited associatively to the model of the vehicle. For more info, visit the Cargo Regulation page under physic rules for the cargo size limit for each vehicle model.